VAT Exemption Form
Formulaire d'exemption de TVA (VAT Angleterre) Mehrwertsteuerbefreiung Formular (VAT England) Formulario de Exención del IVA (VAT Inglaterra)

Some persons suffering from certain medical conditions will not pay VAT so long as the product supplied is a certified medical device and that it is being used PERSONALLY for that particular medical condition and that it is not being used in a group setting such as a clinic or surgery.

Some of the conditions are Seasonal Affective Disorder, Diabetes, COPD, Terminal illness, Chronic pain (for example arthritis, constant joint pain, circulatory pain but not short term pain such as labour pain or PMS)

You do NOT need a doctor’s note but can SELF-CERTIFY. If you are unsure whether or not you quality the please visit the HMRC website for further clarification:


You can also fill this on behalf of another person if you are acting in the capacity of parent, guardian, carer etc.

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I certify that I wish to claim a VAT-free purchase.