Sunrise System SRS 100UK - Sunrise Natural Alarm Clock - Dawn Simulator

Wake you gently and naturally

The Sunrise System Dawn Simulator uses the latest technology to create a natural light alarm clock. Just plug your own bedside lamp into the Sunrise System dawn simulator, choose the settings to suit your lifestyle and the light will imitate sunrise and sunset.

The lamp mimics a morning sunrise and it will reach full brightness at the alarm wake up time you have chosen. You can choose to wake up to the gradually brightening light or also set the alarm sounder which gradually increases in volume to wake you gently and naturally. No more harsh awakenings!

  • Gentle imitation sunrise and sunset
  • Sunrise wakes you up naturally – Sunset gently relaxes you to sleep. Sunrise and sunset programmable between 15 and 90 minutes
  • 7 day programmable alarm so you can set the clock to suit your personal waking pattern. Sunrise System makes your own lamp into a dimmable reading lamp – no more hopping out of bed to switch lights on or off.
  • 12 or 24 hour time display
  • Plain language text LCD for all programming functions
  • Optional alarm sounder volume fades up at alarm time
  • Snooze function
  • Nightlight option, level fully adjustable
  • Security mode, burglar deterrent option – lamp turns on and off at random times
  • LCD backlight selects low brightness mode when you want to sleep
  • Displays date or seconds on text display
  • Time retained for up to 10 min after a power cut
  • Sunrise System Dawn Simulator may help the following health and lifestyle problems: SAD (seasonal affective disorder), Insomnia and disrupted sleeping patterns, stress (helps with relaxation) and may improve the sleeping habits of children, teenagers and the elderly.
  • Small size alarm clock leaves plenty of space on your bedside table
  • Keep your own lamp – no bulky built in lamp
  • Dawn Simulator created and designed in England by British designers and engineers!


Dimensions: Height 115mm, Width 130mm. Depth (bottom) 75mm, Depth (top) 30mm

Fitted with a UK plug & socket.


This product comes with a 24 month guarantee

Note: Unfortunately as this is not a medical SAD treatment device the product is NOT available VAT free.  

If you require a full SAD treatment please browse our SAD Light Boxes: Rent or Buy Products Section. 

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