Re-Timer Re Timer wearable Light Therapy Glasses for Jet lag & Sleep Problems Insomnia










  • reduce the use of sleeping tablets
  • allow people to sleep earlier and longer
  • manage early morning shift work schedules
  • make people feel more energetic in the mornings
  • reduce jet lag for frequent flyers.
  • Treatment for S.A.D Seasonal Affective Disorder

Ben Spies

Superbike World Championship Rider for Pramac Ducati


So these(Re-Timers) adjust the body clock for jet lag. Work well, and provide alot of jokes!

John Benson

London, UK

As a night shift worker, I use the Re-Timer to avoid early morning tiredness when my body wants to shut down and sleep. Regular use before going on shift keeps me alert for a 10 hour night shift.



Benefits of using Re-Timer to sleep better

Re-Timer is a light device, worn just like a pair of glasses, that produces a 100% UV-free green light, which helps your body recognise when to be awake and when to sleep.

This type of light has been proven to naturally help you sleep by re-setting your sleep rhythm or body clock.

Re-Timer may help if you:

  • have trouble sleeping at night
  • feel lethargic and sleep deprived in the morning
  • are sleeping and waking at the wrong times.

Wearing Re-Timer in the morning helps you to sleep and wake earlier.

Wearing Re-Timer in the evening helps you to sleep and wake later.

Re-Timer highlights

Re-Timer helps you get a better night’s sleep by:

  • using green light, which has been proven in trials to reset your sleep rhythm
  • helping you to feel more awake during the day
  • allowing you to take control of your sleep rhythm, and your sleep and wake times.

Re-Timer is comfortable and convenient because it:

  • is worn like a pair of glasses
  • is used for just 30–50 minutes per day
  • generally changes sleep patterns within 4 days
  • has an adjustable nose piece for customised fit
  • uses two levels of light intensity for maximum comfort
  • is conveniently portable and re-chargeable.

Re-Timer is safe and easy because it:

  • uses 100% UV-free green light
  • is independently tested for ocular safety to the standard CEI IEC 62471

Re-Timer has proven benefits, including:

  • being developed by Sleep Psychologists
  • being based on 25 years of scientific research
  • building on proven research results that green-blue light wavelengths can shift sleep rhythms.

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