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The Painsolv MKV has been upgraded and designated as 'Hand-held deep-tissue electromagnetic stimulator' by the Global Medical Device Nomenclature Agency ( which is great news!!!

The product has been upgraded to have a GMDN Code applied as below:


Hand-held deep-tissue electromagnetic stimulator

A battery-powered, hand-held device designed to apply an electromagnetic (EM) field to body deep tissues to help reduce pain associated with musculoskeletal/neurological disorders (e.g., arthritis, sciatica) and/or to treat soft-tissue wounds and injuries. It is a self-contained electronic unit with controls intended to be applied to the body to emit short-time pulsed, radio-frequency energy [pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF)] to tissues at a level below the patient's heat sensory perception threshold. The device is intended to be used in clinical and home settings.

PainSolv MkV was awarded the 2012 Platinum Best of the Best Award by subscribers to Janey Lee Grace and Imperfectly Natural CLICK HERE



For the Best of the Best in Natural Beauty, Health, and Wellbeing.


Janey Lee Grace, the UK's No 1 best-selling Natural health Author and Natural Living Guru presented the 2012 PLATINUM AWARDS for the Natural Health and Beauty World on 18 September 2012.


Janey, together with her panel of Experts, Product Testers and Consumers scrutinised hundreds of products to arrive at a definitive list of the Best of the Best. 


And we're proud to announce that we won the top accolade for the Best Natural Pain Relief Product of 2012.




What the Pain Solv Does

PainSolv employs Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) to help influence cell behaviour by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell wall membrane by penetrating body tissue with pre-programmed pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy delivered through unique software algorithms.


How Does It Work?

The PainSolv Mark 5's PEMF system can enhance your body's capabilities as pulsed electromagnetic wave field therapy improves the efficiency of introducing essential chemicals and proteins into the blood stream, simultaneously increasing the oxygen content of your blood to help transport these vital ingredients to combat all manner of physical problems, with a gentle, non-invasive, painless therapy.


More Benefits With The PainSolv

Use PainSolv whenever and wherever you wish. PEMF is also safer then TENS, Ultrasound, EMS and Medication.


What is Different About Pain Solv?

PainSolv® is unique in that it features three distinctly different treatment options for relief from pain associated with Pain, Wound and Stress Conditions. Each of these programmed algorithms differs in duration, intensity and/or frequency.


How Does PainSolv Mark V Compare to TENS & Ultrasound?

Unlike TENS, TSE and pain medications, PainSolv® doesn't block pain gateways (that transmit pain signals to the brain). PainSolv® is a drug-free alternative to pain, wound and stress-related pain management with no side effects and the unit is hand held and easily portable. PainSolv® is generally safer than ultrasound


How Does PainSolv Compare to Magnetic Therapy?

Constant wave low level lasers and static magnets have never been proven to penetrate the skin. Clinical research carried out for NASA proved that millisecond-duration pulsed electromagnetic fields have the greatest beneficial effect on living tissues over any other energy form. PainSolv® does not contain magnets of any kind.

PainSolv® MkV has output verified by Coulomb's law (or Coulomb's inverse-square law), which is a law of physics that determines that pulsed electromagnetic wave intensity decreases with distance, as illustrated below:


Is PainSolv Easy To Use?

PainSolv® can be used either by applying direct to the skin or through clothing and even medical dressings - even plaster casts. PainSolv® penetrates all types of body tissue without any refraction of the wave field. Electromagnetic waves are the only energy that is not affected by water, of which the human body contains large amounts.


Does PainSolv Produce Any Side Effects?

No, but the device should be used with caution if the sufferer is pregnant, if the user suffers from epilepsy (and is not taking prescribed medication to control it) or is a haemophiliac.


Does PainSolv Hurt or Cause Pain While Using?

Not at all. However, if the device is being used to help manage the pain associated with leg ulcers for instance, it is possible that the sufferer could feel some tingling sensations due to improved circulation for a few days. Using PainSolv® will not cause any mid to long term discomfort.


Are There Any Precautions When Using PainSolv Mark V?

Whilst we are confident that PainSolv will help you gain relief from your particular condition, it is important that you read the instructions prior to use, paying particular attention to the list of precautions below:

  • Do not use internally as this may cause serious damage to your health
  • Must not be used by those being treated with oncological related chemotherapy
  • Must not be used in the first trimester (3 months) of pregnancy, or if there is any chance you may be pregnant
  • Must not be used by haemophiliacs
  • Must not be used by epilepsy sufferers unless they are taking prescribed medication to control the condition
  • Must not be used in conjunction with defibrillators
  • Do not apply directly to eyes or eyelids
  • To avoid cross-infection, never apply directly to broken skin of any kind (ulcers, wounds, etc)
  • Do not apply directly to the carotid artery (upper part of neck directly behind the ears)

Customers should note that Chronic Pain is deemed to be disabling and may qualify for VAT relief. All products sold for these conditions are clearly marked as being sold as VAT free for which the appropriate VAT Exemption Form will be sent with your order and must be returned in the envelope provided in order to qualify for the VAT-free price.


If you suffer from Chronic Pain choose the VAT Exempt option price and VAT will not be added to your order.


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