Lumie Pharos Regular Light Therapy S.A.D Light Box Lamp DISCONTINUED


Treatment Time 30 Mins

Increased light output for faster treatment times.

The Pharos Regular light box from Outside In's Pharos portfolio delivers the same treatment with its 4 bulbs as the Pharos Vari but without the dimmer control feature.

The Pharos light boxes provide the easiest way to get the high quality light needed to alleviate the most serious of SAD symptoms. New design technology maximises output without extra bulk, resulting in a light box that is smaller, lighter and more portable than others in its class. The sleek lines of this model are complemented by the anodised aluminium and blue trim. The Pharos Regular is available in a choice of broad spectrum or daylight spectrum bulbs. 150w. 

Note: Also available from Sad Shop® – Pharos Compact Stand.

·         10,000lux at 50cm

·         Typically 30 minutes at 50cm

·         4 x 36W bulbs

·         45x50x12cm

·         5.3kg

Light levels determine the sleep / wake cycles of both animals and humans. The desire to sleep is brought on by the secretion of Melatonin, and the bright natural light or the light from a SAD lamp significantly reduces Melatonin, greatly improving our energy levels. Typical symptoms of SAD are depression, lethargy, anxiety, craving, social problems, sleep problems and loss of libido. These symptoms can be commonly resolved through the use of the Pharos Regular light box.

  • You should sit in a comfortable chair in front of a table or desk.
  • Place the SAD Light Box at an angle of around 45° to the left or right of your vision directly in front of you.
  • Adjust stand so the SAD Lightbox is directed to your eye level (click here to purchase a Pharos SAD Lightbox stand)
  • The Pharos Regular SAD Lightbox should be positioned NOT CLOSER than 50cm (20 inches), AND NOT FURTHER than 140cm from your eyes.
  • The environment where you are using The Pharos Regular should be a well lit room – Natural daylight or electric lighting if it is dark.
  • You can carry on doing normal activities whilst using BLUElight ie. Reading, writing, using a computer or watching TV.

Click here to read further instructions on how to use your Sad Lightbox

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