Lifemax Star Projection Digital Clock With Relaxation Sounds & Room Temperature - FREE DELIVERY!

Help Eases Children to Sleep! 

The Star Projection Clock turns your ceiling into a relaxing night sky scene.

This calming clock projects a starry night around your room while playing relaxing nature sounds; perfect for relaxation after a stressful day or simply to ease children to sleep.

The Star Projection Clock features an alarm and display featuring the date and room temperature. You can choose from 10 sounds including bird song, ocean waves, brook, summer night, rain, dawn and more.

Relax in style with this modern ball design clock with a large display and easy to use function buttons..



  1. Star Projection Clock with Relaxation Sounds
  2. Projects a relaxing image of stars onto the ceiling
  3. Select from 10 relaxing sounds
  4. Full function digital alarm clock with large display and temperature feature
  5. Perfect for you to relax or to ease the children to sleep
  • Power  Uses 3 x AA batteries (Not supplied)
  • Colour  White and silver
  • Function   Projects a relaxing image of stars onto the ceiling and select from 10 relaxing sounds
  • Size  12.5 x 11.5 x 10.5 cm
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