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To give you a Good Nights Sleep! - CE Approved Medical Certified 

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  • Discrete Wrist-Worn Sleeping Aid!
  • Double Frequency Acupressure Technology!
  • Combats Insomnia!
  • Medically Approved!

An effective drug free solution to promoting a healthy nights sleep. The Dreamate Sleeping Aid combines Chinese traditional therapy and western medical knowledge to soothe your mood and help you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Fully CE approved and medical certificated product. The FANTASTIC device has been featured on ITV Programmes including ITV's THIS MORNING!
Dreamate Natural Sleeping Aid 

Product Description

This wrist worn sleeping aid combines traditonal Chinese medicine and Western medical knowledge to soothe and encourage a good night's sleep. Medically approved and certified, the product comes with everything you need to nod off. This wrist worn sleeping aid offers a drug-free solution to insomnia by using double frequency acupressure technology to improve the chances of a good night's sleep. Adjustable strap (13 cm to 18 cm). Supplied with gel, batteries and instructions.

The Dreamate Sleeping Aid Wristband is designed to improve your sleep. The pulse wave that is triggered by its micro-controlled IC can promote blood circulation. This special 6000 RPM double frequency massage acts on specific sleep-aid points, as suggested by Traditional Chines Medicine, which helps to relieve stress and allow you to sleep better. Tension, shift work and jetlag can all disturb our natural night's rest. The Dreamate helps normalise the body's biological sleep clock through natural biofeedback.

The Dreamate Sleeping Aid Wristband features include:

  • Drug free and non-invasive;
  • Uses double frequency acupressure;
  • Stimulates the "Golden Triangle" sleep points to improve sleep;
  • Helps to self train your biological sleep clock.

The Dreamate uses physical methods to help people sleep more easily. Easy to operate, the Dreamate is worn on the left wrist at the "Golden Triangle" position. This "Golden Triangle Position is the name given to the three specific sleep-aid points located on the inside of the wrist;

  • the Shern-Men Point - located along the "Heart Meridian" and responsible for the mental health and function of the circulatory system;
  • the Day-Ling Point - located along the "Peri-Heart Meridian" and helps to maintain the normal functioning of the heart;
  • the Ney-Guan Point - also located along the "Peri-Heart Meridian" and helps to maintain the normal functioning of the heart.

These three sleep aid points form a "Golden Triangle" that is responsible for calming, stress relief and sleep inducement.

The Dreamate Sleeping Aid is worn on wrist and is comfortable to wear and use. The Dreamate uses double frequency acupressure technology to improve the chance of a good night's sleep.

The Dreamate Sleeping Wristband uses 1 x AAA battery which is included with the item. The Dreamate is also supplied complete with contact gel and full instructions.

The Dreamate Sleeping Aid is a fully CE approved and medical certificated product for your peace of mind.


People who should not use the Dreamate include

  • Heart disease patients should not use this device except under advice of a medical doctor.
  • Not suitable for persons implanted with cardiac pacemakers, and those monitored by electronic equipment (e.g. ECG monitors and ECG alarms).
  • Patients with acute diseases and infectious diseases should not use this device.
  • Patients with severe skin diseases or sensitive skin, or those in a state of bleeding should not use this device.

  • Wrist warn sleeping aid
  • Improves chances of a good night sleep
  • Uses double frequency acupressure technology
  • Adjustable strap for comfort
  • Supplied with contact gel and full instructions
  • A fully CE approved and medical certificated product
  • Uses 1 x AAA battery (Included)

The Dreamate Sleeping Aid measure 4.5 cm x 5.5 cm.

The Dreamate Wristband is fully adjustable between 13 cm to 18 cm around the wrist.  

Weight: 798 grams 

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