INNOSOL WHITE Candeo Pendant Bright Sad Light - Can Easily Be Adjusted into Mood Lightingt

INNOLUX CANDEO - pendant bright light, easely be adjusted into mood lighting

Katriina Nuutinen created the idea behind Candeo for a
Master of Art diploma project. Her goal was to design an aesthetically pendant bright light that would be suitable in many spaces, and which might easily be adjusted into mood lighting.

With the toggle switch on top of the Innolux Candeo lamp it is transformed from a bright light into a design lamp providing a warm light with atmosphere. At its full power Candeo is a bright light device as well as an efficient general and reading light. A height adjustment on the black textile electric cord adds versatility to the use of the Candeo lamps.

The innovative Candeo is the first pendant bright light device on the market. The uniqueness of Candeo is emphasized by the fact that the colour temperature is easy to change from warm white to pure white.

Therapy distance: 45 cm (2,500 lx) 23 cm (10 000lx)

About the Designer

Katriina Nuutinen (s.1983)

Designer (born 1983)
Katriina Nuutinen studied design of applied art at the University of Art and Design of Aalto University and graduated as a Master of Art in 2011. She has supplemented her studies during an exchange student year in 2009 at the Stockholm Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. In 2011

Nuutinen was selected Finnish Talent of the Year at the MUOTO2011 Gala in Helsinki. Nuutinen works in her own design company in Joensuu. She has successfully taken part in numerous international exhibitions, for instance in Tokyo, New York, Paris, Milan, and Stockholm. Nuutinen is a founding member of the designer collective Kaamos. The breakthrough product of Nuutinen’s is the Hely jewel luminaire that was chosen the most beautiful object at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2009. The sensitive Hely depicts her knowledge of several materials and creative skills in combining these materials. She has specialized in luminaire design, glass and ceramics, but the substantial part of her work is combining them creatively with other materials, like wood and metal.

About the Innosol Brand 

Innojok Oy designs, develops, imports and markets a range of lighting fixtures and technical aids which improve functionality in different surroundings. Comfort, quality, reliability, low dazzle and good design are the key properties of Innojok products.
High quality, Finnish made INNOSOL bright light lamps are becoming increasingly popular in Finland and abroad.

Innojok Oy designs, plans and carries out personal lighting solutions in offices and in homes. They also consult architects designing public facilities within the field of transportation and rehabilitation. Innojok undertakes training for planners, experts in social and health sectors as well as students. In addition to service and group homes Innojok has carried out projects in sensotherapy and treatment facilities.

The latest techniques and meters in measuring and analysing different lighting conditions are used to assess lighting conditions for these specialist projects. Innojok has planned the lighting for:

  • Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired
  • National Association of the Disabled

INNOSOL Bright Light therapy lamps have been certified as medical devices by Det Norske Veritas CE 0434

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