Innosol Sunny Contemporary SAD Light Therapy Lightbox Lamp -As seen in The Independent and Dai

Treatment Time 1 hour - European Consumers Choice Awards 2011 Winner


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European Consumers Choice Awards 2011 winner INNOSOL® SUNNY is cost-efficient, good-looking and user friendly. It is all you need for intense light therapy at home and office.

For those of you who want a pretty SAD light therapy unit, that fits into your home or workplace, the "Sunny" is the perfect budget lightbox.

Winner of the prestigious European Consumer Awards 2011. Click here for info on the award. 

Features & Benefits of the Sunny are its round and harmonious design which creates a warm feeling of the summer sun. It is manufactured in Finland by experts in the treatment of SAD light therapy. A powerful SAD lamp disperses the light evenly throughout the entire lightbox, resulting in a comfortable flicker free, effective and enjoyable SAD light.

Light therapy has been proved effective in up to 85 per cent of diagnosed cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. For more information about Seasonal Affective Disorder and its Treatment please read our FAQ page.


  • Round and harmonious design creates a warm feeling of the summer sun 
  • Manufactured in Finland by experts in the treatment of SAD light therapy 
  • Powerful SAD lamp disperses the light evenly throughout the entire lightbox, resulting in a comfortable flicker free, effective and enjoyable SAD light.

Consumers opinions and notations

« The effect is immediate. Brilliant. »

« The most pleasant luminotherapy light ever tested »

« It is beautiful, ornamental, and it works !  »

« Just smile, it works »



Design :                  9.1

Ease of use :          9.8

Innovation :             9.5


Global notation :      9.5

Light Colour: White

Practical working distance by Lux in cm:

  • 10,000 lux at 21cm

  • 5000 lux at 32cm 

  • 2500 lux at 42cm 

  • Average treatment time - 1 hour

Dimensions: 12cm depth x 40 cm diameter

Weight:  2.5kg

Light temperature: 4.000 K (natural white)

Features: Gentle Light Output

Features: Light weight (2.5k)

Bulbs: 2x26W

Guarantee: 2 years

  • You should sit in a comfortable chair in front of a table or desk.
  • Place The Rondo at an angle of around 45° to the left or right of your vision directly in front of you.
  • Make sure the lightbox is directed to your eye level.
  • The Sunny Rondo should be positioned NOT CLOSER than 42cm, AND NOT FURTHER than 70cm (30 inches) from your eyes.
  • The environment where you are using The Sunny Rondo should be a well lit room – Natural daylight or electric lighting if it is dark.
  • You can carry on doing normal activities whilst using The Sunny Rondo ie. Reading, writing, using a computer or watching TV.

When's the best time to use the Sunny light box?

Most people find that light therapy in the mornings works best so, if you are just starting out, try this first. Try not to use your light late in the evening though (i.e. within 3 hours of going to bed) as you may find it difficult to get to sleep.

If you have trouble waking up in the mornings then you should definitely use a light box first thing.


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