HOT PINK LIMITED EDITION Litepod Light Therapy S.A.D Light Box Lamp - As seen on BBC's The One Show


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Treatment Time 60-90 Mins

The bestselling LitePod Compact Lightbox is now available in Hot Pink. It is Limited Edition so get yours before they sell out!!!

One of our most popular light boxes, the LitePod manufactured by the SAD Lightbox U.K. Company. Small, discrete and stylish, the LitePod sad light box is perfect for use in the office or around the home. It is ideal for using next to your computer or below the screen. The LitePod is one of the smallest 10,000 lux SAD light boxes on the market!  We recommend a full treatment time of 90 minutes for the Litepod but despite its compact size, many users report that this 10,000 lux light box for SAD delivers a full treatment in 45 to 60 minutes and will help increase energy levels provide a significant uplift in your mood and help maintain your circadian rhythms. It is currently one of the smallest compact light boxes available on the market so is a perfect choice where space is at a premium and with its robust casing and light weight, the Litepod is easily portable from room to room. 

Banish the Winter Blues with a SAD light box

It has been scientifically proven that low levels of light make many people feel fed-up, tired and less energetic, which helps to explain why lots of people find winters so depressing. So, if you spend part of the year feeling less than your usual bright and active self, then a SAD light box like the LitePod is for you.

Despite its size, the Litepod 10,000 lux light box can deliver a full treatment in 45 minutes to 1 hour.

·  Small, discrete and stylish;

·  Perfect for use in the office or around the home;

·  Ideal for using next to your computer or below the screen;

·  Light weight and portable;

·  Treatment time 45 minutes to 1 hour, but it can be used for longer as it is an excellent working light.

10,000 lux at 30cm
2500 lux at 80cm
Treatment time: 
60 minutes
38cm x 12.5cm x 12.5cm
Product warranty: 
3 years
Bulb warranty: 
1 year

Light levels determine the sleep / wake cycles of both animals and humans. The desire to sleep is brought on by the secretion of Melatonin, and the bright natural light or the light from a SAD lamp significantly reduces Melatonin, greatly improving our energy levels. Typical symptoms of SAD are depression, lethargy, anxiety, craving, social problems, sleep problems and loss of libido. These symptoms can be commonly resolved through the use of the Litepod light box.

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