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Treatment Time 60 Mins
The Lumie Desklamp is an attractive reading and work lamp that delivers high intensity bright light. The lamp has a stable base with an on/off switch and a flexible neck that is fully adjustable, allowing the lamp to be angled so that the light falls on the eyes and provides the right amount of bright light needed to relieve the symptoms of SAD.

The lamp provides the recommended 10,000 lux to alleviate the symptoms of SAD at 30cm / 12in and is so versatile you can dim the light and use the desk lamp as a normal reading or work light after treatment has finished. The special daylight bulb provides an excellent light for reading, and is also comfortable and safe for your eyes.

As it doubles as an ordinary office or reading lamp, the Lumie Desklamp is useful for people who don't have time to sit in front of a special light box - with a desk lamp you can obtain your daily light therapy while you work!

This listing is for an Ex Demo model. It may have a slight cosmetic mark, but in excellent working condition. 12 month warranty.

  • Discreet use in an office environment
  • Getting your light therapy while you work
  • Using as a desk lamp when dimmed down
  • Typically 90 minutes at 50cm to treat SAD
  • Flexible neck
  • Dimmer control
  • Excellent light for reading


·         Practical working distance by Lux in cm - 10,000lux at 22cm

·         Dimensions - Height 45cm, Head 45x18cm, Base 27x21cm

·         Weight - 5.5lbs (2.5kg)

·         Bulbs – 55W Daylight spectrum bulb

·         Colour of light – Cool White

·         Case – Graphite finish

·         Extra Features – a natural bright light boost that also doubles as a desk light

·         Guarantee – 3 years

Light levels determine the sleep / wake cycles of both animals and humans. The desire to sleep is brought on by the secretion of Melatonin, and the bright natural light or the light from a SAD lamp significantly reduces Melatonin, greatly improving our energy levels. Typical symptoms of SAD are depression, lethargy, anxiety, craving, social problems, sleep problems and loss of libido. These symptoms can be commonly resolved through the use of the Lumie Desk Lamp SAD light box.


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