Diamond 5 S.A.D Light Therapy Lightbox Lamp for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Treatment Time 20-30 Mins

The Ultra High Powered Diamond 5 s.a.d light box lamp is the newest member of the versatile Diamond range of lightboxes for SAD and offers a greater spread of light.  Ideal for small groups of people, the Diamond 5 light box has a sleek, ergonomic design to bring the light to you in the most efficient way possible. 

The 5 light model is superb for people on the go who want a powerful lightbox with a fast treatment time.  It has two switches to vary light output, you can have either two or three lights on.  The benefit of this is if you want to have the light on all day, and work by it you can use either the two or three lights.


The switchable lights are also ideal for people who need to start using the light box more gradually (if they suffer from ME, CFS or MS).

The enhanced curved shape focuses the light to the point where you are sitting for maximum effect, while the smooth opal diffuser gives a beautiful even luminosity. 

The light box comes complete with a base allowing it to tilt forward or backward 6-12", as research has shown that angled light that hits the back of the retina can be more beneficial. 

These lightweight boxes are fitted with a handle so they can be carried easily. The 3, 4 and 5 lamp models have two switches to vary the light output. The optional floor stand or wall bracket also makes this the most flexible light box for SAD to suit individual needs. Typical treatment time is 30 minutes, but many of our customers report that 20 minutes works for them. 

·         Powerful 5 Light model for fastest treatment

·         Advanced curved shape focuses the light for maximum effect

·         Smooth opal diffuser gives a beautiful even luminosity

·         Tilting base allows forward or backward movement of 6-12 degrees.

·         A lightweight box fitted with a handle for ease of use

·         It has two switches to vary the light output

·         Optional floor stand or wall mounting bracket available

·         Treatment time is approx 30 minutes

Light levels determine the sleep / wake cycles of both animals and humans. The desire to sleep is brought on by the secretion of Melatonin, and the bright natural light or the light from SAD light therapy lamp light boxes significantly reduces Melatonin, greatly improving our energy levels. Typical symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder S.A.D are depression, lethargy, anxiety, craving, social problems, sleep problems and loss of libido. These symptoms can be commonly resolved through the use of the Diamond 5 light box.

  • You should sit in a comfortable chair in front of a table or desk.
  • Place the SAD Light Box at an angle of around 45° to the left or right of your vision directly in front of you.
  • Adjust stand so the SAD Lightbox is directed to your eye level (click here to purchase a Diamond SAD Lightbox stand)
  • The Diamond 4 SAD Lightbox should be positioned NOT CLOSER than 51cm (20 inches), AND NOT FURTHER than 140cm from your eyes.
  • The environment where you are using The Diamond 4 should be a well lit room – Natural daylight or electric lighting if it is dark.
  • You can carry on doing normal activities whilst using BLUElight ie. Reading, writing, using a computer or watching TV.

Click here to read further instructions on how to use your Sad Lightbox

·         Practical working distance by Lux in cm - 10,000 lux at 21"     (55cm). 2500 lux at 55" (132cm)

·         Average treatment time: 20 minutes

·         Dimensions – Light box - 61 x 33 10 cm,  Base - 23 x 28 x 5 cm

·         Weight – 4.2kg

·         Bulbs – 5x36w Daylight tubes

·         Colour of light – Cool White

·         Case – ABS

·         Extra Features – 2 switches to vary the light output - 2, 3 or all   5 tubes on

·         Guarantee 3 years on the light box, 1 year on the tubes 

Customers should note that Seasonal Affective Disorder is deemed to be disabling and may qualify for VAT relief. All products sold for these conditions are clearly marked as being sold as VAT free for which the appropriate VAT Exemption Form will be sent with your order and must be returned in the envelope provided in order to qualify for the VAT-free price.


If you suffer from S.A.D. choose the VAT Exempt option price and VAT will not be added to your order.


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