Crafe Away Smokeless Cigarette

The Crafe Away Smokeless Cigarette

The Crafe Away special cigarette is the simplest aid for smokers who want to give up smoking. The smoker does not light the Crafe Away cigarette. Instead, to enjoy the pleasant tobacco taste the smoker inhales through the Crafe Away cigarette in the same way as a real cigarette. Crafe Away can be used as often as necessary and lasts up to four .

Crafe Away Smokeless Cigarette


Where is Crafe Away sold?
Crafe Away is available on-line and  'over the counter' from pharmacies and chemists. 

Can Crafe Away be used in conjunction with nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum?
Yes. Crafe Away does not contain nicotine and therefore does not 'dose up' the nicotine content of these nicotine replacement products. In fact Doctors and Pharmacists recommend that Crafe Away is used in this way. 

Can Crafe Away be used by pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers?
Yes. Although we do recommend that their Doctor is consulted first. 

I have recently suffered a heart attack and my Doctor advises me to give up smoking immediately. Is it safe for me to use Crafe Away under these circumstances?

Yes. Although we do recommend that you consult your Doctor first.

Does Crafe Away cause side effects?

In the twenty years that Crafe Away has been on the market no side effects have been reported.

I will soon be flying to the States and the flight is 100% non smoking. Do the major airlines allow Crafe Away to be used?

Yes. Crafe Away is totally smokeless. In fact British Airways state that they have no objection to their passengers using Crafe Away. We have had no reports of problems from travellers using Crafe Away on other airlines



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