Bomb Cosmetics Shower Power Gift Set
  • Shower Power Shower Gel
  • Scoop a generous handful of this fruity natural shower gel and lather into your skin using your hands or a shower puff
  • All made with extra free love and only the finest ingredients and essential oils
  • A thick, scoopable and mild shower gel
  • With a laid back fragrance and pure patchouli and ylang ylang essential oils

Shower Power Scoopable Shower Gel, A thick and mild shower gel, with a laid back frangrance and pure patchouli and ylang ylang essential oils, to leave you feeling calm, relaxed and chilled out! 

At bomb cosmetic we are against animal testing and we believe that neither animals, humans or the environment should suffer for our luxuries. 

We have never, and will never test our finished products or ingredients on animals. We believe in the power of essential oils and we also believe that handmade is always better! 

We recycle whatever we can and use recycled materials for packaging wherever possible. 

We don’t waste our money or the resources of the planet on unnecessary packaging and we use natural ingredient whenev
FREE Aromatherapy Oil with all purchases except bulbs