Free SAD Advice

Beverley Bunting and Lora Bunting co-ordinate the SAD Advice team who are responsible for answering many thousands of questions and queries that come in by phone, letter and e-mail. Each one is answered individually in absolute confidence and the advice is FREE.

The team are there to help, not sell, and in fact much of their time is spent advising customers on the most suitable light therapy equipment them.
Customer service is of paramount importance and this is reflected by thousands of satisfied customers since the original company started in 1996.  As a family business we can provide answers to any queries you may have regarding seasonal affective disorder light therapy. 

Our advisors are always looking for ways to help every customer whether this be sending out free information or talking through light therapy products for customers who are uncertain as to which to choose. To speak to Beverley or Lora or a member of the SAD Advice Team, please call:

01704 500505

(Available from 9.30am - 5:30 pm Monday to Friday and 9:30 am - 1:00 pm on Saturdays)

Calls from outside of the UK call +44 (0)1704 500505 *
*Please dial the international prefix if calling from outside the UK.

Or chat with us live by clicking below. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have. 

(Available from 9.30am - 5:30 pm Monday to Friday and some evenings and 9:30 am - 1:00 pm on Saturdays)

Just check the icon whether to see if we are online to chat live. If the icon states offline then alternatively you can send us a message and we will respond at the earliest convenience. 


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