Tackle Seasonal Affective Disorder and Winter Blues with strategic bedroom light
When it comes to choosing lighting for your bedroom, it might be worth putting some thought into the choices you make.

That's because lighting can have a considerable impact on your mood, especially once the winter months start to set in, explains spokesperson for Light IQ Natalie Timmerman.

For those of you who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), getting the level of lighting just right is highly important.

Ms Timmerman continued: "Enhancing the artificial lighting to compensate for the lack of natural daylight will help feeling happier.

"This could be as simple as replacing the existing lamps with brighter and more efficient ones."

Alternatives include introducing a new lighting feature such as an artificial skylight, or even layering up different levels of illumination, the expert added.

Figures from the NHS suggest that SAD affects around seven per cent of the population, with many of them in their 20s.

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