Light Box Boost for SAD horses

MISERABLE horses are getting sunbed sessions to fight off depression.

Experts reckon horses suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder like humans.

Sad Shop employee and Horse owner, Donna Cumia says the best way to help animals beat the “winter blues” is to give them a dose of daylight.

Donna uses special light boxes which emit at least ten times more light than a normal bulb, but cut harmful UV rays.

She tested it on one of her own down-in-the-mouth horses, Murphy in Southport, Merseyside, and said: “His change in mood has been remarkable. He had been labelled impossible and dangerous by a lady who bought him.

“Horses sulk like the rest of us. They turn their back to you if they are not happy.”

As featured in The Sun and Southport Visiter newspapers. 

Horse play ... Donna

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