SAD Light Visors

At Sad-Shop, we understand that your life may be busy at times and the option to sit down for even a small amount of time is simply not viable. With this in mind, we can offer you light therapy on the move with our amazing range of Light Visors.

The Visor has 2 models; the DeLuxe Light Visor has a controller pack which allows users to adjust it to their own optimal light intensity and an automatic timer turns the light off once the chosen treatment time has elapsed. The Solarmax visor is a little heavier on the head and without the controls but an excellent travel option if you normally use a SAD Light Box.


NEW Lucimed Luminette® 2 SAD Light Therapy Visor - FEATURED IN THE PRESS
£179.00 to buy
£39.00 to rent per month

Lumie Biobright Deluxe SAD Light Visor
£239.00 to buy
£42.00 to rent per month


Re-Timer Re Timer wearable Light Therapy Glasses for Jet lag & Sleep Problems Insomnia
£178.80 to buy